Emotional Pain
Healing the Hurting Heart (What To Do...)
[Kindle Edition]

A concise look at emotional pain and traumatic memories, including grief and loss, written in easy-to-understand language. The book tells you what to do about it so you can live a happier, healthier life.

Stupid About Men
Ten Rules for Getting Romance Right
(Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster of New York)

For about five years I was working with a lot of young women who were suffering the consequences of making disastrous romantic mistakes in their life. As a relationship therapist, this was very distressing to me. One day, when I was speaking in front of a group of colleagues I blurted out "Women today just seem to be very Stupid About Men!" Even as I said it, I knew that this would one day be a book title, even though at the time I'd never written a book, much less had one published. But I listened to my intuition and started writing. I wrote Fruit from the Field and Trapped in the Magic Mirror first, and when I'd finally made my name as a writer, I found an agent and began to market Stupid About Men.

My hope and dream is that all of my books will help lots of women everywhere make wise choices in their life.

Trapped in the Magic Mirror
Shattering Illusions About Romance and Marriage

This was the first book in Deborah's career published by a major Christian publishing house. It is out of print and now only available in PDF download format only. Written specifically for married women, the book explains why women are now addicted to romance, and how to develop a healthy relationship with your not-so-romantic husband!


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